Window. QP

Windows on Canyon Road

Light through window, QP (Canyon Road)

Window, QP (Canyon Road)

Strolling Canyon Road is one of the greatest joys in life living in Santa Fe. Like 5th Avenue, Michigan Avenue and State Street, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, or Bourbon Street, and even the Appian Way, all unique and rewarding roads to take.

Pre pandemic, I often head to Canyon Road just to stretch my legs and walk around and feel like I know why I live here in Santa Fe. Wandering in and out of quaint shops and quirky galleries, revisiting favorites time and time again. Once adobe homes, schools, or stores now meandering rooms of a board range of art. It’s a corner of town that keeps the iconic look and feel of Santa Fe yet accommodates 80 or more galleries.

Every season reveals itself there. The winter walks with lights and luminaries, snow and ice, autumn leaves, summer’s crowds. Spring is tulips and fruit trees in bloom against adobe walls and settling into courtyards waiting for the summer fruits.

From my sketchbook:

Summer is beginning.

It’s warm even hot in the afternoon

Dry desert wind

Clear blue, thin sky

The night is cool

Even cold

Its May , June, July, August

Sometimes in September

The next season begins.

Standing among the pine trees

Early in the morning

The shade is still winter

And the sunny spot

Is summer.

Spring. Light through window, QP challenge. Spring. I chose from a collection of my favorite photos of Canyon Road. A window in a dark gallery with bright sunny spring light streaming through, glimpses of blossomed cherry tree. Galleries here are in charming, thick-walled old adobes with hand hewn wooden windows and deep set frames.

Friendship Window. Window, QP challenge. A curious window, I passed without notice many times while strolling Canyon Road. One late winter’s day, window slightly raised curtain ruffling in the breeze, a pie resting just inside on the sill, I took notice. Warm smells drifted out against a cold clay wall snow was starting to fall. The quaint little building’s plaque read “Meetinghouse Religious Society of Friends.” A quaker’s meeting hall. Turns out an artist, Olive Rush, left her 1850 home and studio to Quakers in 1966. This is the subject for watercolor painting of window. I didn’t paint the snow falling as it wasn’t captured well in photos.

The theme of interior/exterior is fundamental in art. The window has an enduring presence in art history including from Vemeer, Mattise’s window series to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawk. Contemporary relevance is explored in many forms including the metaphorical window.

Two watercolor paintings of Canyon Road windows:

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