The Dream: Flood

I had trouble sleeping one night and kept waking up to the same dream turning into a nightmare. In the dream, we were at grandma’s house in terrible danger. I could see through the picture window a roaring river wrapping around the house. Next, Uncle Bill or grandpa (seemed to morph) opened the back kitchen door to the old screen porch just as it was washing away. Those in the living room were floating toward the ceiling shouting, “get on the roof.” I saw a small window in the girls’ room that opened to the roof of the garage and clambered through pulling others hands and feet. Each time I fell back to sleep it was more and more dramatic as the house torn away and we clung to a sinking roof.

Later, when I was fully awake, I began to think of my mom readying grandma’s house to sell and patching the roof. She must know how to get on the roof and save us!

For several nights, in my dreams, I searched for ways to find access to the roof mostly from inside my grandmother’s house. First in the living room and entry and next in original den looking for a hatch or climbing out the window. Moving and stacking furniture to float on closer and closer to the ceiling. Sometimes from my aunt’s (the girls) bedroom where a little window looked down into the garage and the upper half looked onto the flat roof of the garage trimmed with white balusters. Some nights I was climbing onto the roof of our old house from my bedroom. Other nights I was in my Aunt’s house or a childhood friends' house.

The water was rising each time the dreams restarted. Neighbors’ houses were floating by. Big trees, tree houses, and forts were floating by. I was running and climbing higher and higher as water lapped at my feet and legs as it tried to pull me under the water. __

(Each) Watercolor on paper, 18 x 24”. 2021

3/21/2021 for 3/22

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