Pompeii Dog, too

Cava Canem

Temple of Luna

House of the Lazy Artist

Beware of Husband

— Rachel


The Pompeii Dog led to my body of work “Ruins” which started in earnest in 2014. In 2012 and 2013, it was just the dog more or less as a fetish that kept resurfacing in side work. These were difficult years for me as I became more and more responsible for my aging father. This association transformed well into the volcanos and the ruin caused to domestic life. At some point, the Pompeii Dog deserved a whole new body of work to inhabit. It wasn’t until later, when my own dog Luna, was old and approaching her final years that she became the Pompeii Dog.

Luna was a very unusual dog, one of a kind, and difficult. I had to think about her all the time which makes for a strong bond. She died April 15th, 2019 at 15 yo. So she lived a long time for a 60 lb yellow lab/ white shepherd mix (guess). She was only in decline and sick her last year. She stayed with me through divorce, selling the house and moving, and moving to Santa Fe. Although my pets have ended up in sketchbooks over the years, I do not paint pets, dogs or cats. I’m no good at it especially when I know the animal. I can see it looks nothing like them. Anyway, I have tried from time to time.

QP challenge for pet was an attempt that failed. Later, I put Luna in a faux mosaic for ‘Cave Canem.’

Oh, yes. You would have needed to beware, very beware, of Luna. She was fiercely loyal to only a few (me) and no one else could touch her. Alpha female, white Shepard in her did not tolerate animals including other dogs or people except family. Still, she was a good dog.

Little poems from my sketchbook,


One fine May

full mooned night

a tiny dog came

Into our lives

Never small

except in size

a personality

to fill the skies

Now leaving behind

the empty void -

the empty bowl -

the empty leash -

an empty bed

and Place.



I see dogs

in the clouds -


in their fluffy plains.

White against


brightening sky -

dogs tricking

the sky.

High above me

white clouds



the mountains


Yet dogs

play tricks

in the sky.


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