Open Studio

Santa Fe Studio Tour 2021.

October 9,10, 16 & 17. 10 am - 5 pm

Fall. Participating in the Santa Fe Studio Tour, again, seemed like a good idea…

Soon after moving to Santa Fe six years ago and occupying a house month to month, I began looking for a more permanent lease somewhere suitable to participate in the Santa Fe Studio Tour. Once I committed myself to the tour, I needed a permanent address to meet their deadline. With help from friends, I found the house where I still live and have my studio. I participated in three tours - 2016,’17, & ‘18 - twice inviting other artists to share my space. The tours where always the last two weekends in June. I soon experienced that the hottest time of year here was those last two weeks of June. I promised myself not to participate again unless something changed - such as getting ac, moving, or if the tour dates moved. This year the dates moved to October!

And now for something completely different…

Due to the pandemic and events of 2020-21, I haven’t made any oil paintings nor completed a body of work new or old. I did make a lot of work, overall, paintings on paper using watercolors and inks. This is what I’ll be presenting for my Open Studio during the Santa Fe Studio Tour. Much of the work is casual and not as conceptual as my more serious bodies of work.

The main groups of work are:

The Dream series including flooding house;

Botanicals in black and white; and

Chaos 2020 + on newspaper as an installation.

In addition, my watercolor paintings from Wildflower Garden series and Quarentini Painters will be available.

I‘m prepared to follow any and all safety measures to ensure the most comfort possible for visitors and myself. Just hoping for the best at this point and that someone will visit. And the weather is nice!

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