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Old Boots in Wildflower Garden

Pandemic Garden

Old Boots. By the time the QP challenge came to ‘old boots’ I thought I‘d rather just keep painting my wildflower garden. So why not a photo shoot for old boots in the garden! Va la problem solved. I grabbed several pairs of old boots and ran to the wildflower garden. In particular an old pair of short cowboy boots seemed most interesting. They have a nice orangy, rust color to contrast the greenery. After placing the boots in a variety locations, shooting, I picked the best photo to paint. The result is a wider pulled back view of the garden revealing more detail like the wheel barrel - a bugs eye view.

I couldn’t help but think of artists who have painted old shoes or boots following in the famous foot steps of Vincent Van Gogh. He painted shoes, clogs and old boots as if they were portals to paradise, it is said. His half-dozen or so paintings of shoes/boots are much talked about in the Art world. For example, in 2009, Cologne's Wallraf Richartz Museum premiered an exhibition entitled "Vincent Van Gogh: Shoes" built around an 1886 painting by the Dutch artist titled A Pair of Shoes with interpretations given by Martin Heidegger, Meyer Schapiro, and Jacques Derrida.

Short poem (not lyrics to ‘these boots are made for walking’):

Where-e’er You Walk

By Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

Where-e’er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade,

Trees, where you sit, shall crowd into a shade,

Where-e’er you tread, the blushing flowers shall rise,

And all things flourish where you turn your eyes.


What I learned about wildflowers:

Eschscholzia californica, the California poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight or cup of gold, is a species of flowering plant in the family Papaveraceae, native to the United States and Mexico. It is cultivated as an ornamental flowering in summer, with showy cup-shaped flowers in brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow (occasionally pink). It is also used as food or as a garnish. It became the official state flower of California in 1903.

Part of a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley:

The Flower That Smiles Today

The flower that smiles today

Tomorrow dies;

All that we wish to stay

Tempts and then flies;

What is this world’s delight?

Lightening, that mocks the night,

Brief even as bright. —

Whilst skies are blue and bright,

Whilst flowers are gay,

Whilst eyes that change ere night

Make glad the day;

Whilst yet the calm hours creep,

Dream thou — and from thy sleep

Then wake to weep.


Watercolor painting of Old Boots in my Wildflower Garden:

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