Horse/Cowboy. QP


Terracotta Horse

Setting up a still life to work from. My Asian Terracotta Horse is a prized possession. It was given to me by a stranger who was hosting an estate sale 30 plus years ago. She was a recent widow and downsizing. Her husband had been a diplomat. They lived in Southeast Asia most of his career - Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. I was there to buy a console. She insisted I have the horse as I had admired it. I bought several other items none of which I still have. Just the horse.

The idea of the Quarentini Painter challenges includes working from your own sources of course, ie not someone else’s photos, for example. It’s perfectly acceptable to work from your own photographs which isn’t always the case - say like in school, assignments. I started out wanting to work from actual objects, setting up a still life to paint. It’s good practice and not how I usually work. So, for fun when possible I tried.

Terracotta Horse placed on art table with lighting started out horrible. I saved it at the last minute as time was running out by boldly and quickly filling in the background. The color and pattern detracted from inaccurate rendering of the horse in a pleasing way. Oh, it wasn’t too bad.

I guess I’ll keep on painting...


Broncho Buster with Bandanna

The next challenge, right after horse, was cowboy. Oh boy, no getting around the western art feel with that one. I set up a still life with bronze sculpture I somehow salvaged from my dads. I actually painted it twice. The first ended up with a melted horses’s neck bigger then the horse. I enjoyed the bandanna. Just an exercise.

Two watercolor paintings: terracotta horse, cowboy

Photo of horse set up, studio

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