Flooded Houses

Flooded Houses 1,2,3 : The Dream Series

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams."

- Author Unknown


Recently completed, three more works for The Dream Series. (see The Dream, and Dream continued) This trio is planned abstraction of landscape with sky/water divide and a house. The sky/top portion is random layered brushed, splattered, and dripped black and silver inks. Cosmic Chaos. The foreground/water is controlled dripped and brushed black-blue and black ink. Controlled Chaos.

The houses are actual neighborhood houses from my Dream at various stages of becoming submerged. The houses were blocked out before painting the landscape.

The paper. The last major shopping trip to Albuquerque, pre-pandemic, included a trip to Takach Press. They make artist presses. It’s very cool to visit and they sell supplies as well. Papers, inks, etc. I’ve always liked to buy high quality fine art paper by the package rather than a sheet at a time. The last gray print making paper I bought was 20 years ago -a package of 100. I was finally out and I missed having it. This time I bought a package of 25. I’ve taken a few printmaking classes since moving to Santa Fe and have friends with presses. Also, doing relief prints at home. Since the pandemic started I haven’t made any prints just watercolor paintings. So I decided I wanted to try ink and brush on the large gray paper, 22” x 30”. I like the size and the gray. The silver ink reads white on it.

The ink. In the 90’s I collected vintage art supplies - specifically pre-war (WWII) - materials. The black and the blue-black inks are vintage. The Permanent Blue-Black #216 Skrip Writing Fluid by Sheaffer’s is some I collected and used. The black is Simi Ink without a label now. Both giant sizes. I frequented estate and garage sales of artists and their families. Also, some going out of business businesses, for a time, gathering. Materials don’t have to be new to be useful. However, the silver is new ink and comes in a tiny bottle that I go through too fast.

Trio - Flooded Houses 1,2,3 : The Dream Series

- ink on paper, 2021:

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