Chaos 2020+

Chaos 2020 / Chaos 2020.1+

Mm on daily newspaper

Installation for Open Studio

Mark making, process, and multiples

Dealing with the isolation, anxiety, and frustration of 2020’s pandemic and news, I returned to a method of working to shake up the constraints of other art forms. Using resources available, the current newspaper and inks collected over 20 years, fast gestural brushwork and automatic iconography, producing three sets of five, to start, in this series. The work is fast, gestural and based on breathing.

The process pairs breathing and media within a set of self prescribed rules of mark making. Here, five newspaper pages are selected, layered out together, a medium is selected - say Sumi ink to be applied with bamboo brush, and an inhale breath is taken. On the exhale, the page is marked. Next breath, moving to next page while inhaling, again mark making on the exhale and so on, for the five pages. I worked on a round table that I could easily circle in 5 breaths. Media assembled within reach and alternated after several passes.

My past art in this method utilized paper bags, envelopes, shipping labels, and book pages for support/ground and mixed media including charcoal, soot, ink, gesso, and watercolors for “figure.” (See Inhale/Exhale from my Black Lung series 2003 - 2008.)

Breath and breathing resurfaced in my work, of course, due to what happened to George Floyd. And as an affirmation of my own ability to still breath.

First 3 editions 2020:

  • 1st Edition #1 - #5

  • Saturday (2nd) Edition #6 - #10

  • 3rd Edition #11 - #15

November Editions:

  • Vote #1 - #5

  • Remembrance Day #1 - #5

Chaos 2020.1 and Chaos 2020+

  • January 6th Edition #1 - #10

  • To be continued

Utilizing an alcove in my dining room once all furniture was remove, I constructed a cardboard display table camouflaging my extremely long sofa. My brother, Bill Barminski an LA artist who specializes in cardboard sculptures, advised on support and construction. My idea was to reference a slanted reading table for newspapers. This would give best lighting as well. I experimented with different coverings including newspaper or paint over the cardboard. The best ended up being blank newsprint paper.


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