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Beaches x Three

Mexico: Tulum & Mamita’s

Not too long after exotic place, QP challenge came up with beach. Since I had recently visited beaches in Mexico that is where I started. The first beach scene was Tulum Beach. Situated below the Mayan ruins of Tulum, an ancient Caribbean beach awaits. History and the beach. We spread our towels in the shaded shelter of the cliffs and swam. That was on my second trip to Tulum. The first time, I only saw the beach from atop the cliff. (Someone was afraid to get sand in their shoes, I recall.) The ruins above the beach was the photograph I worked from for the first beach attempt. Its a bit pedestrian, travel sketching feeling. I wondered if I couldn’t do better with something more fun.

On my second trip to Playa del Carmen, we had stayed in a regular neighborhood apartment outside the tourist zone - ie not on the beach. We walked to the beach 6 or 7 long blocks. The first week we went everyday to Mamita’s Beach, a private beach club with chairs, umbrellas and table service. We had drinks and lunch and enjoyed the surrounding company. (Later, we just went to the free, public beach and sat in the sand.) One day we were behind a young family with too much going on. Suddenly, they all left to go take a nap or something and left behind a whole colorful menagerie of blow up floats. It was funny. The photo was good and captured it better. The painting was fun to work on. Perhaps over worked a bit. Some areas never worked out. So, I thought maybe try one more...


Ventura Beach. The first summer I was living in New Mexico I made a road trip to California for my niece’s wedding in Santa Barbara. Well, the next day after the wedding, my brother who lives in Ventura planned a beach party cookout. He has an RV that he parks at the beach for camping and cookouts. I spent the day there at the beach and lots of photos were taken. I selected one to make a painting from. Third attempt of beach painting. Some things were better about the water and waves. I was learning more each time or relearning. Frustrated because I spent so many summers painting the beach and sea in my youth but forgot it all seemingly.


by Rainer Maria Rilke

Timeless sea breezes,

sea-wind of the night:

you come for no one;

if someone should wake,

he must be prepared

how to survive you.

Timeless sea breezes,

that for aeons have

blown ancient rocks,

you are purest space

coming from afar…

Oh, how a fruit-bearing

fig tree feels your coming

high up in the moonlight.


Three beach paintings:

Tulum Beach

Mamita's Beach Club

Ventura Beach

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