Additional bodies of work


Cinders. The content and meaning of cinders, is my response to the concept of loss in relationship to Auschwitz and the Holocaust. My research, ideas, and process of working through this subject are manifested in traditional oil paintings juxtaposed with hybrid art forms such as mixed-media photomontages, assemblage sculptures, and installations. My purpose is not to exhibit the Holocaust but to preserve my encounter with one of the most unspeakable episodes in history.

Dolls in Refrigerators

Dolls in Refrigerators. This body of work was composed as photographic studies of dolls in refrigerators. I can break down the meaning of these objects and their placement but I cannot insure the significance or connection. Refrigerators are familiar body-sized containers that represent modern technology, immediate gratification and the appearance of a clean and sterile environment yet deep inside there is something not identifiable growing in most refrigerators especially old and moldy ones.


Reclamation is a body of work inspired by the Grand Canyon that explores fragmentation, stratification and abstraction through a multitude of materials and images, often vertical paintings form panels of Landscape as Place capturing the journey as documentation and expressing disorientation, claustrophobia, and serenity. The concerns of environmentalist, adventurist, scientist and artist co-mingle through out the work.

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