Past bodies of work have included dealing with the Holocaust (see Cinders statements below), environmental issues (Reclamation), and Modern medicine and infertility (Dolls in Refrigerators).

Rob Erdle, my professor at UNT, described my work as “signature style has a rather tortuous painterly beauty that does not advertise but rather incorporates the lessons of her painting career. Her work derives its plastic life form exploring the two-versus three-dimensional dilemma at the heart of modern painting. The elegantly slap dash emphasis on the vey act of painting them accounts for their vigor and vitality. They are lifelike not only in realist resemblance, but also in so far as they portray their own, on-canvas genesis.”

Also, in her article tiled Ten Texans on the Brink of the Big Time, Janet Tyson said of my work, “tackles cultural tragedy human good and evil, and other big themes. Bounds is a skillful and expressive painter. But she also, brilliantly, sees aesthetic and metaphorical potential in a range of materials.”

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